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Priority Express

Under the priority express service, we offer rapid movement and delivery of bulk packets, parcels and consignments within 24-hrs of pick-up. The details of which can be tracked through our Online Tracking System. The service is ideally designed taking into consideration time sensitivity and urgency factor of clients into primal consideration.

Corporate Express

Corporate Express refers to the services wherein the packets would be collected and delivered on the next business day. These services are further classified as: Before the banking hours After banking hours On client's preference, they can opt for any of these two classifications for dispatch. The details of these services would be updated on our website by the end of the day.

Messenger Express

The messenger express service can also be interpreted as a value added services that is carried out to maintain the database and handle back end services via our hi-tech Call Center . This service would comprise processing the RTO for alternate addresses at our Call Center.

Courire services

When it comes to courier, a lot of people will no doubt think that sending a parcel from Delhi is a complicated and expensive task. But this doesn’t have to be the case and you might just be surprised at how easy it is using the cheap and reliable courier services available from GO FAST Express.


In order to beat the competition and stand tall in the market, we are engaged in offering Mass Mail Service. We offers complete web based bulk Mail solution which allows to sends Mail from internet. Email remains one of the most effective ways to advertise or to inform people on the Internet. This service is appreciated due to its excellent work quality, hassle free management, client-focused approach, reliability, perfect execution and reasonable rates.

Doccumnet services

Don’t let poor presentation spoil your hard work. Focus on your message, and we’ll make sure it shines with high quality document processing, presentation services, transcription, proofreading, workflow coordination, virtual assistant and marketing support services, and secretarial transformation.

Urgent delivery

As any business owner will understand, ensuring your parcels and packages get to your clients quickly is essential, but when you have an urgent parcel delivery or urgent shipping request? This is where GO FAST Express’s urgent delivery service can help you.

Express Service

Prime Track is newly launched Track On express product. It is started in order to cater to the need of express deliveries and speedy distribution of documents and parcels. The prime objective of Prime Track couriers is extremely speedy delivery of consignments.

Welcome to GO FAST Express

GO FAST Express is one of the fastest growing Inter-city courier services that offers "Desk to Desk" couriering of documents, packages, parcels in compliance to your satisfaction. You can track your product by entering your tracking reference number above on the Track detail in header. All you need is your product number to be able to see the status of your product.

We believe that there is always scope for development and innovation to improve, and therefore, we strive to incorporate versatile features to our courier services. Nurtured as an independent enterprise,GO FAST Express is on a constant drive to come with creative options to innovate product development and enhance responsiveness and flexibility in view of the changing demands of our customers.


Our expansive network allows us to give you services all across Delhi/NCR and India , with efficiency and speed being our hallmark. GO FAST Express firmly believes that it is always better to give the customer what he expects and then surprise him by giving more. We are constantly making efforts to ensure excellence in service and delivery at destinations as fast as possible.

You can track your product by entering your tracking reference number above on the Track detail in header. All you need is your product number to be able to see the status of your product.